Being spiritually gay for life

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Bernard Charles

the color reader
I am a registered metaphysician of the World Metaphysical Association and actively use my intuitive abilities to manifest and unleash authentic potential. I perform intuitive card readings by working with color, angels and traditional tarot to see clearly into any situation for the highest good. As a means to survive as a post-graduate, I used my certification in crystal healing to become an openly gay spiritual practitioner in my hometown and promptly earned my certificate in meditation. My color forecasts are featured in The Soul Path Magazine and I’ve read for some amazing people already, will you be next? 

Kari Samuels

happiness coach

Bernard! Thank you so much for that wonderful reading! I was so impressed with how well you knew the chakras and pick up on what was happening in my life. I love your advice and am already implementing some of the things you suggested. For instance, you mentioned I would benefit from lemon essential oil and it just so happens that I had recently bought some and had it in my purse. Mostly I just LOVE your energy, you are so much fun to watch and listen to and I was smiling from the inside the entire time I watched your video. Thank you so much!

Marissa Moondaughter

certified holistic life coach

I have 8 years of chakra knowledge and healing work in my tool box…but I am not the only one with answers and knowledge. I just had a crazy insightful color reading with Bernard and he affirmed so many things my intuition has been YELLING at me. I recommend contacting him because his reading is so aligned with the chakras and colors we need in our lives…

Cerries Mooney

brand alchemist

My colour reading from Bernard was just outstanding. His energy is so infectious – you can’t help but feel so connected to him and the words he is saying, and I watched my reading with a huge smile across my face. I felt so inspired throughout my whole reading – and ALL of it was so accurate. Not only did Bernard give information that was spot on, but his knowledge on the subject meant I came away feeling empowered – he gave me real examples of how I could use the suggestions in my own life, which is wonderful. Sign up for your reading RIGHT NOW – you’ll be glad you did! Thank you so much for bringing your beautiful self and work into the world Bernard…you are a ray of sunshine!

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Hedgewytch Herbals


Color has a way of making the mundane..Magical! I always looked at color as more a reactive experience, until I met Bernard and discovered just how INTERACTIVE it is. After my Color Forecast reading I found myself better able to align myself with the Color energies that are unique to me and how they can positively affect my life. I can now let Color work for me in situations where I might feel less confident or effective.

Kelly Eckert

soulpower sage

Bernard’s Color Readings kick ass. In my “month ahead forecast” Color Reading, Bernard was so insightful. I was blown away by his intuitive sense of what was going for me and what would be beneficial for me during the month ahead. I LOVED receiving the reading by video. Normally, I skip watching videos online. (I can read faster than they can talk!) I chose a video reading from Bernard because his energy is so infectiously radiant. Hearing and seeing him deliver a reading just for me was even more powerful. I didn’t receive just a reading; I received the empathy and the energy to help me implement what Bernard told me in the reading. I really appreciated that my reading went beyond color, as Bernard made suggestions on crystals, meditation and tea. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Bernard. He knows his stuff!

George Lizos

spiritual blogger & life coach

Not your typical psychic reading! Bernard has a talent in taking you through the darkest, deepest, most thought-provoking places of your subconscious, in the safest, sweetest, and most heart-opening ways.

Stephanie Lin

life coach

You’re amazing, Bernard. Your reading was not only incredibly accurate, but it also gave me truly priceless advice and insight into my business — how I can improve it and how I can allow it to grow more effortlessly, from my heart, from a place of joy. Your gentle nudges and reminders to “keep the faith” and not be afraid to express my truth are gems that I’ll carry with me moving forward.

Go find another psychic if…

You want to raise the dead

Believe I can see dead people

Support anti-gay legislation

Identify as an energy leech or psychic vampire


I only work with people that…

Want to rise from the ashes

Believe the cup is both half empty and half full

Support LGBTQA friendly realities

Identify as a co-creator of the sacred Universe

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