We are going live, firefly

It’s been suggested before and now it is finally here.

Instead of waiting impatiently for my email with your results, I now have a fancy booking system in place for us to Skype or if you live in the United States, phone about your reading.

Start feeling the goosebumps as our energetic bodies connect in the moment. Live.

You may book an appointment with me for:

  • Skype readings
  • Phone readings
  • Event appearances (interviews and parties)
  • Chit chat
  • Meditation coaching
  • other – send me a note first!

You can order a Live Reading at Where Fireflies Shop autonomously and we can schedule your booking afterwards. However if you book without ordering,  I will email you and send a PayPal invoice for the booking. Payment must happen prior to booking and there are no refunds at this time. Other terms of agreement are listed in the booking form such as canceling.

My time has gotten increasingly precious since embarking with Equality Pennsylvania and color splashing my club, so please if you need to talk to me feel free to book anyway. Even my Facebook inbox is a war zone of unread messages because I simply cannot keep up with questions, blog requests and everyday “how are yous.”

Bookings take priority. 

So, because you took the time to book and fill out the information, I know you are committed to chatting and exchanging energy with me for the highest good.

Even you get busy, I know, so if you need a quickie just send me an email.

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Goddess Lilith okays goodbye in a card reading

For being resistant to the male ego, Lilith (Adam’s original first wife) is legend as a demon.

Because walking away was the best way for her to remain pure.

I have been meddling with authenticity since January to be honest. Keeping a watchful eye on how my soul path was changing. I already know that many don’t like my bark or my bite so they ostracize me like Lilith. It befuddled people to see me so cut throat. I say NO really firmly because it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. However, their ego feels hurt because they did not get some of my energy for their cause…too bad.

Preaching positivity or demanding people to see globs of color in life is inauthentic. Life is not always rosey posey. Life is not really anything at all. We as humans pretend to create chaos for the sake of order and control. We as humans love to harp on one another’s faults and mishaps in order to find smooth duality between light and dark.

Who cares.

Lilith spoke to me all month in honor of authenticity. I am glad she done so because I have foreseen change a mile away. The storm that rages inside me is already here and like Elsa from Frozen I too must find a way to cope. Yesterday, I performed a card reading for myself and it pinpoints very important factors in my life that resonate well with what I have been grappling with all month long especially on the business front.

  • The lack of appreciation.
  • Desiring freedom to choose my reality.
  • Creating my own temple.
  • Resistance to walking away.

The last message of walking away struck me hard. Truth be told, I wanted to do this since the beginning of the year, but mustered some justifications to stay. Why? I am not entirely sure. I genuinely give situations a positive spin naturally because hope makes miracles, but like any of my relationships, goodbye is certainly equal to hello.

I am not here to steal, corrupt or hurt. Fulfill was the word that came to me during a staff meeting at work a few days ago. We all pulled an inspiration word from a basket and so I had to think long and hard about what it was this word means to me for the sake of Lilith and authenticity. Fulfilling people’s energy with my own is my purpose but I can’t continue to pour my heart & soul into many vessels at once. I prefer to focus immensely on one cause or entity and then move on to the next.

This is where I am on my soul path. Moving on because I’ve already reached many goals and understand many things. It’s time to say goodbye. Next month’s Soul Path Tribe goddess is Changing Woman and you should consider changing up your lifestyle and join the tribe. As for me, I will be listening to Lilith and my intuition and walking away from it.

Gay-friendly small businesses in NEPA, I want you

I got the packets of information from my field organizer of Equality Pennsylvania to canvass small biz owners that just want good business here in “The Diamond City” and surrounding areas.

We in Northeast Pennsylvania don’t often talk about it…and it’s really dismal. Other states and municipalities are in support of genuine love by adopting really sexy non-discrimination protections, so why can’t we?

No fear, the road to non-discrimination is happening, firefly!

But your support is needed.

Being raised here in Pennsylvania, I adore the trees, countryside escapes and diverse foods from various lands across the sea. The one thing I don’t like is how people can be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity in my home state.

Sixteen states and Washington, DC – including every state in the Northeast – have enacted policies to end discrimination against LGBT people. But Pennsylvania is trailing our neighbors with no statewide law.

- EqualityPA.org

To be honest, I kinda feel ugly calling PA my home state because no true home of mine would allow such discrimination but it does currently, and I and other advocates from Equality Pennsylvania are here to change this by urging amazing people to support Pennsylvania Non-discrimination Act (HB300 / SB300) and so it is with great honor to be looking for local small businesses that believe in equality! 

Starting April 17, 2014, I will be meeting, chatting, listening and volunteering my time to network with small biz owners that want to help support LGBT individuals by signing on their support for a statewide law that protects LGBT people from discrimination at work and in our communities.

Additionally I will be publishing a LGBT friendly resource list of these small businesses that commit to creating an inclusive and safe space for any person regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. The list will be on here as well as on Foursquare in order to showcase small biz love that’s in support of non-discrimination, but also encourage positive social media lovins.

Know as a business owner, you don’t have to take part in my blog/Foursquare list if you don’t want to, and this directory is completely independent and not affiliated with Equality PA. (I just know how hard it is to get your business known online so I want to help you out with social media exposure.)  But I really encourage you to sign the “Small Business Support Letter” from Equality PA which you will get when we meet one-on-one. Contact me today to get started and make some history! It will be super easy and one way to let your customers and clients know you do good business.

As a good host, I take pride in my clients, friends and family to feel welcomed in my home. Knowing it is safe and secure away from fear, evil and bigotry. I honestly want you to feel love when you are around me. And with all the feedback so far, I think I nail it perfectly with getting you to feel authentic love.

(If not, then we need to be friends and help each other out.)

equality Pennsylvania NEPA photo