What does the spiritual animal totem elephant mean in three words

In the last 24 hours, I have been on a safari with my soul.

Moments captured only by me and no one else penetrated my understanding of what it means to connect on a level so enriched by spirit that squealing to you about my journey is a must. So I hope you got your best shoes on to walk with me.

Virtual flats, heels or sneakers will do.

elephant animal spirit guide totem necklace

My elephant necklace given to me by my maternal grandmother.

I rumbled in a mess of despair last week and had to conjure a quickish spell for my love to remain at peace.

Truly the heartache that I feel when I’m snubbed for superficial reasons set me off like a volcano. I have anger issues and it’s partly due to the injustice and stupidity I have carried as an old soul in this universe. Time after time, you would think that the human population would somehow just get it.

Nah we have half of them worshiping the ego and the other half is ignorant to anything remotely cosmic. I do know this isn’t fair to all those that are trying their best and following a vibration much suited for a Utopia, but the interesting thing in all of life is the effortless simplicity embedded within our tiny earthbound bubble.

I was called to elephants to understand my life in this moment.

My mind is blown so far – to be able to look at a regular zoo animal symbol that you simply accept without question after all these years with new and improved eyes restructures your way of connecting + understanding.

Elephants look alien to me.

Have you taken the time to feel an elephant with your mind? I don’t know about you but I don’t have easy access to feel up an elephant with my bare hands. So, I have to do it with my mind.

Taking in each leg, texture of the skin, smooth and sometimes crackled tusk.

What does it feel like to sound like an elephant, I asked myself. Then the message of this spirit guide was starting to appear. I watched mini-videos on YouTube about elephants and even managed to listen to an elephant soundscape while doodling my new moon intentions.

Ganesh a gayly pal of mine stepped forward. He is a Hindu god and has been devoted to my gay two-spirit for some time as well. I let this notion slide a bit because I knew there was more to elephant’s message for me than to connect to Ganesh. Not saying this isn’t the point, but more so that there are things we do not yet comprehend about animals that we take for granted so I wanted to mainly focus on elephantidae.

Elephants mourn death

Quite a bizarre message that stepped onto my path is that when it comes to death, elephants do care. They don’t ignore the carcass in front of them. I adore this symbology and fact because we often times tell ourselves it’s better to ignore the change we see along our way. We ignore the fact that someone is no longer who they were months maybe even days ago. Change is a constant in our world and how elephants handle their loss is how we should endure our own. I was always fearful of death. Afraid that my own story would not be finished in time for me to leave this energetic playing field. However, since my holistic wellness intuition colorful sexiness, I guess you can say death I am no longer afraid. I mourn in my own way and elephants do as well. A slowing pace and gentle examination of their counterpart’s remains fascinates me. It’s as though they use their trunks to feel out pieces of soul still left from their sister or brother.

At this point in my learning, I balled my eyes out. And even telling you about this makes me a wee bit teary – which takes me to my next point.

Elephants thrive as an emotive spirit

If you cross a mamma elephant with her child, you best believe some intense emotions are going to get you. I resonate with this particular aspect of elephant energy because I am not only an empath but an emotive. Emotives are people that avoid neutral gray feelings and authentically express how they feel when they feel it. Its brash and bold to say the least but the genuine feelings expressed are neither contrived or confusing. I much rather deal with energy that is real and honest as opposed to fake and misleading.

A part of elephant’s evolution derives from being a water species. This too plays into their amazing swimming capabilities but also on a metaphysical level, water is the element of intuition and emotions. I believe that if you have trouble giving or receiving emotions than take to an elephant and go with the flow. Feel your feelings as they are and don’t let social conditions and manners get the best of you. Honestly, it’s better to know how someone really thinks of you as opposed to the average passive aggressive behavior that dominates much of this society.

Elephants announce balance

Like all creatures and environments, balance is a huge element that sustains life. You can’t really judge which part came first and which came last as the whole process of life is one big circle. However when you remove a piece of the core movement than translating that energy skips a beat and you become lost. Symbiosis with elephants is adorable and friendly. Birds sit atop their royal steed in exchange for protection and meals. Elephants get a great grooming service! However that’s a small portion of balance.

The abilities that elephants have that humans cannot perceive without the use of technology is brilliant. Elephants communicate to other elephants miles away with their own natural voice and this walky talky ability is being compiled into a dictionary by the way. A special combination of deep guttural sounds made by elephants on a typically day have been loosely translated to mean “all is well.”

ganesh strength elephant photo

Of course, I am still getting used to elephant energy in my life and will wear my necklace with more pride and commitment when I need a reminder to acknowledge change, express my true feelings and keep balance.

To sum up my safari with elephant energy in three words:

Staying in touch 

We must keep true to our inner elephant if we want to live in strength, firefly. Let me know if elephant energy is something you need more in your life right now. I would love to share with you the amazing 40-minute video about this wise sagey creature of the Great Rift Valley.


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Honey pot spell for peaceful love in 4 ingredients or less

We all have chaotic moments in our relationships that could use some calm and healing. Families no longer speak to each other because of holiday pride and jealousy. Lovers bicker over perspectives too close to the truth leaving their backs turned to each other during the night.

This sweet spell will transform your empty honey jar in order to heal, calm and balance any love turned sour.

As an intuitive, there are no measurements or precise doctrine to follow my castings. Simply following my energy and using what resources I have keeps my magic deliciously powerful. So, with that being said, at minimum you need a jar preferably a honey one with just a bit of honey left to keep the bonds you want to mend intact, oats for properties of healing, a piece of paper to enclose your intentions for your love to heal and finally a candle of your choice, but this is not required if you don’t feel comfortable using the fire element to heal or invoke peace.

honey pot spell for love and peace

Honey is a major aspect of my go-to-goddess, Oshun. In some forms of Hoodoo and folk magic, honey is used to sweeten someone’s feelings towards you. I also believe that using honey regularly by drinking it in your tea or adding it to an organic facial mask will adjust your own energy to ride the spirit of being sweet.

honey pot spell for love and peace

The concept of this jar is to add healing to all layers of your relationship. I love mixing and mingling metaphysics into my craft and so I used more than just honey, oats and some spectacular flare. I’ve added rose water (love), sage essential oil (spirit/spiritual connections), rosemary (better communication), meadowsweet ( to relieve disharmony and tensions), lavender (intuitive connections to body, mind and soul), calendula (protection from any harm or mischief). In addition to the herbs and oils, I’ve added rose quartz crystals to represent both parties, aquamarine crystal for peace and soothing resentment, blue lace agate crystal for balancing roles and improving communication, topaz and herkimer diamond crystals for connections and astral fortitude.

You can blend your ingredients how you would like, don’t let me fool you. Following your intuition is the best solution and often times the most adventuresome.

honey pot spell for love and peace

Once you’ve added your love note inside and layered the jar with your ingredients. Adding the candle on top is like a birthday cake. For me, I used one of my own handmade intention candles for protection as I wanted to ensure that my intentions for authentic peace will not be tampered with or destroyed.

Casting this honey pot spell when I did was divine timing. My self was bruised because I allowed my confidence and initiative to get the best of me. Losing sight of all boundaries and forgetting my place. Emotions drove me to heal what was hurting and rectify a relentless hope that love conquers all. We all have THOSE moments and may ebb to the flow differently. For some the path to a peaceful relationship may not be in the workings of a quick spell, but in the pure intent to be peace.

I shall keep this jar on my altar for safe keeping. Within a few hours of lighting my candle-topped honey pot, my relationship rose to some heartfelt apologies and understandings. The stubborn brambles of the ego were pruned away and I am happy to say not all is lost.

Just resting in boundless peace.

Coloring souls for awareness + how we can help support anxiety and depression prevention

color me thon

After writing my little post about the colors of depression, it occurred to me that I left you hanging and wanting to save the world!

Great, I know how to see depression in color, but how can I help others survive from it?

There’s so much a color reader can do and painting your face with happy colors and sunshine isn’t going to cut it. Anxiety and depression dwells from within and it takes leading technology and medical innovation to understand it at great lengths. And all this is practically possible (putting on my capricorn hat) through money. Therefore, I will focus donating half of my color sales now until August 31, 2014 to the  Anxiety and Depression Association of America because there is always strength in numbers and keeping advocacy alive arouses my chakras.

I am bound by love to support courageously

All of my colors readings are eligible for the fifty percent donation but I equally understand that budgeting your finances might be super tight especially since we are in the middle of the month so I created a special color-me-thon reading that you can purchase to win over your commitment in stress-related prevention.


For the social lights

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What does overcoming depression mean to me? (INSERT YOUR ANSWER) You should check out Bernard Charles, a colorful intuitive that’s helping to raise awareness for depression and anxiety.