Gratitude going out to Alaska and back

I have some time before work to write to you and share all this bubbly bouncy energy that’s happening to me right now!

This morning I found a delightful comment on my Facebook and it struck me wildly as I was uncertain if you or anyone else for that matter can look, taste, touch and feel color differently since meeting me. The lack of knowing was only empty fears which were protecting me from my anxieties associated to rejection.

The light bulb is on.

A firefly all the way up in Alaska confirmed that she sees a new world because of me and I wanted to share this quick pic with you of her light-hearted yet earthmoving comment:

gratitude testimony color reader bernard charles color therapy

My striving Aries personality for simple truths and bold head-to-heart connections with others is what motivates me to continue my mission.

I genuinely want and desire for people to live in values that are not gray or overshadowed by negativity. We must as a community share the good, accept the kindness and fight the evil that lurks in our own closets. You are never alone and I realized this goes for me too.

In my phone I only have 49 contacts.

Most are for emergency purposes and business relations.

The 5% are the beings I love so unconditionally it’s hard to put into words. But in color the feelings are magenta, pink, orange, green and yellow!

People make me feel colors and if I can help one person awaken to colors daily then I know we can rectify our pains, mishaps and forgetfulness as humans.

Anyhoo, it’s a joyous pleasure in getting to know my clients and soul-friends on levels that mainstream society could not handle. If you need anything love-bug, you know where to find me, just follow the lights!

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Finding ho’oponopono in the Wizard of Oz

hooponopono exercise photo

When I used ho’oponopono for the first time this is what happened.

I tried desperately to relax with each person that irked my nerves in the past few months but letting out those meaningful “I love yous” and “Thank yous” were telling my inner rebel to swallow his pride.

He did not take it lightly.

The feelings inside were so emotional that I felt like the Wicked Witch from the East being doused with a bucket of water from a ruby slippered Kansas girl.

A cleansing happens!

Yup that cute blue ribbon wearing heroine with a black dog in the Wizard of Oz can resemble the process of ho’oponopono.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

How do you practice Ho’oponopono?

The simple structure of forgiving someone or yourself is laid out in a prayer/mantra format. I prefer to chant mine or write it down repeatedly until I feel centered in a faraway paradise that I may call home. But how you choose to do this art of acceptance is up to you.

You will work through four repeating mantras: I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me and Thank you either directed toward yourself (I love you Bernard) or another being (Please forgive me, Cinderella) until you fully and completely resonate with the heart-based energy of your spiritual evolution.

There are a lot of great YouTube videos available but if you are looking for a deep and relaxing one to follow along with than try this one.

We are off to see the wizard

I love you

You are Dorothy along your first steps toward the Emerald City which can very well be a metaphor representing your heart chakra. And there she comes in her traveling pink bubble, the Good Witch of the North. The ideal and most compassionate archetype for the first phrase in ho’oponopono: I love you.

Using this phrase first helps to eradicate hate and centers the mind and body on the core element of all forgiveness…love.

I don’t use this expression of love that often because, I want to mean it every time (10 fold). I initially started off my ho’oponopono practice with myself. I aimed to forgive myself first because how am I suppose to take care or treat others with respect if I had none for myself. So for falling into my Munchkin land, I embraced this adventure and just followed the yellow brick road (a symbol of passage with your solar plexus that can emulate and respond to emotions) to find a way back home.

I’m sorry

Initially when I am faced with forgiveness, I must acknowledge what ego (the Wicked Witch) has done to me! It created this straw man fallacy in my brain to prove my own reasons in keeping resistant and protected. Often times we believe in our frustration against others and what they did to us because the facts have been stuffed inside and out with so much nonsense it’s hard to think about saying sorry because we are too illogical and can’t comprehend how we have provoked such an occurrence.

Basically, each party involved is experiencing the situation differently based on how they choose to consume the situation meanwhile protecting themselves from appearing weak or hurt.

So greeting Scarecrow along our way is purposeful because we don’t want pests feeding off our crop nor do we want to seem like we act without thinking. People are only going to do the best they can with the resources and past lessons learned and sometimes that reveals just how little we actually know.

Ironically, it’s a no-brainer!

Please forgive me

Now we get to the heart of Dorothy’s alliance with compassion but unfortunately this friend is missing a heart. Our rigid and aloof counterpart is the only archetype with a synthetic weapon as well and I believe the ax is a symbol of our free hand in reconciliation.

We can choose to forgive or not

In either way, we are making a choice and utilizing our free well.

Additionally shown by the Tin Man not being able to talk or move, we too must loosen the relentless and heartless grip of being anti-merciful and ASK nicely for our forgiveness.

May need some emotional oil (crying perhaps) to move and speak freely but it will get you unstuck!

In the process of forgiving myself, I had to ask my guides and the Universe at large during my ho’oponopono session to be merciful as I make my way back to a pure state of living spiritually. Turning my gifts into profit has felt negative for a while now, but all that is changing as I step away from running my biz in greed to earning a consistent income based on my service to others.

Thank you

The last mantra of this ho’oponopono cycle is about gratitude + appreciation which the cowardly Lion emulates triumphantly by singing his own tune about being king of the forest.

Realizing the courage it takes to forgive can allow you to rejoice in your own nobility.

The reward from traveling to the heart chakra in a meaningful way to make things right again is abundantly positive. Surely it’s something to be grateful for because you’ve conquered your own Wicked Witch in this chapter.

There’s more to the story

Now, I am not finished with my ho’oponopono practice and have been working on it diligently for the past few days as I face new lions, tigers and bears (oh my). But this so far has been an enlightening journey and I hope to have inspired you to try ho’oponopono in any and all cases where you need to forgive so that you can reach the other side of the rainbow and feel like there’s no place like home in the end.

Defeating the grayscale solopreneur with intensity

I am so bloody grateful that my life is changing.

And for the better I might add!

I am so bloody grateful to not invest in programs, features, services, sessions and the rest of Narnia online because most of the internet offers like becoming certified in reiki or psychic powers tends to be all biz and no heart!

See the smoke and mirrors

For the past year as an observant pea on the veggie platter, I have witnessed an overwhelming increase of coaches, solopreneurs and new age folks that twist their words to make YOU feel so desperately inspired by what they so CHARMINGLY bring to the table.

“Pay what you can…”

“My friend so-and-so…”

“You get this $1,000 bundle for free if…”

As a loveable and sensational spirit online, I like to know what my competition is doing at all times.

A supreme upper hand tactic for this firefly warrior. But even my slimy kindness can only handle so much bullshit before the anger deepens.

I am here to tell you that yes, these holistic-wellness-new-agey-positive-spirit-love and light preachers are in it for the money.

How else are they suppose to make a living?

They are suppose to make a living naturally.

Whatever their talents and passions may be here on Earth coupled by an imaginary monetary value that’s been socio-economically calculated (aka moolah) determines their value.

Yet, they choose to turn away from anything negative by blocking the bad apples or overstimulate their brand with heart-gripping chatter to make you feel like they are the peachiest of people on this abundant planet.

Ugh, as if!

You have to know thyself before you invest

Yes, you (as the consumer) may be frantically desperate for someone else to give the know all and say all for your situation but you have to acknowledge your own light first. This is your natural power and once you buy a product, choose a handyman or read a book, you are giving away a bit of your power.

By doing so, you agree for the Universe to align your energy or cause to that person, place or thing!

This is why reading reviews and listening to your intuition is so very important.

Your intuitive nature already picks up on a good review or good person. It equally picks up on the bad apples in the basket.

Who can you trust?

Great question and the ball is still and always in your court – but hear me out!

Since dabbling in this funny farm of online entrepreneurship, the term information overload comes to mind. Yet, instead of focusing on the content of information (we all can share great info) the time must come to crack open those pages we like and people we follow to understand if they are human.

Do they honestly express empathy, adversity, commitment, and enthusiasm for their work?  or Do they honestly express sympathy, misery, denial, and laziness?

Calling the kettle black

Depending on where you are at energetically, you attract and relate to vibrations that bring you into full balance. And balance can be a happy-go-lucky vibe or it can feature challenges to help you counter weaknesses (or allow opposites to attract).

If you stumble across a psychic, medium, card reader, holistic practitioner, business and life coach then remember to always see them through supreme intensity. This takes away the flashy colors and gives them a real dosage of how much light or darkness they carry in relation to how much you carry as well.

If you do have trouble catching the wolf in sheep’s clothing then I suggest reading this post on using love and light in vain.