Finding ho’oponopono in the Wizard of Oz

hooponopono exercise photo

When I used ho’oponopono for the first time this is what happened.

I tried desperately to relax with each person that irked my nerves in the past few months but letting out those meaningful “I love yous” and “Thank yous” were telling my inner rebel to swallow his pride.

He did not take it lightly.

The feelings inside were so emotional that I felt like the Wicked Witch from the East being doused with a bucket of water from a ruby slippered Kansas girl.

A cleansing happens!

Yup that cute blue ribbon wearing heroine with a black dog in the Wizard of Oz can resemble the process of ho’oponopono.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

How do you practice Ho’oponopono?

The simple structure of forgiving someone or yourself is laid out in a prayer/mantra format. I prefer to chant mine or write it down repeatedly until I feel centered in a faraway paradise that I may call home. But how you choose to do this art of acceptance is up to you.

You will work through four repeating mantras: I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me and Thank you either directed toward yourself (I love you Bernard) or another being (Please forgive me, Cinderella) until you fully and completely resonate with the heart-based energy of your spiritual evolution.

There are a lot of great YouTube videos available but if you are looking for a deep and relaxing one to follow along with than try this one.

We are off to see the wizard

I love you

You are Dorothy along your first steps toward the Emerald City which can very well be a metaphor representing your heart chakra. And there she comes in her traveling pink bubble, the Good Witch of the North. The ideal and most compassionate archetype for the first phrase in ho’oponopono: I love you.

Using this phrase first helps to eradicate hate and centers the mind and body on the core element of all forgiveness…love.

I don’t use this expression of love that often because, I want to mean it every time (10 fold). I initially started off my ho’oponopono practice with myself. I aimed to forgive myself first because how am I suppose to take care or treat others with respect if I had none for myself. So for falling into my Munchkin land, I embraced this adventure and just followed the yellow brick road (a symbol of passage with your solar plexus that can emulate and respond to emotions) to find a way back home.

I’m sorry

Initially when I am faced with forgiveness, I must acknowledge what ego (the Wicked Witch) has done to me! It created this straw man fallacy in my brain to prove my own reasons in keeping resistant and protected. Often times we believe in our frustration against others and what they did to us because the facts have been stuffed inside and out with so much nonsense it’s hard to think about saying sorry because we are too illogical and can’t comprehend how we have provoked such an occurrence.

Basically, each party involved is experiencing the situation differently based on how they choose to consume the situation meanwhile protecting themselves from appearing weak or hurt.

So greeting Scarecrow along our way is purposeful because we don’t want pests feeding off our crop nor do we want to seem like we act without thinking. People are only going to do the best they can with the resources and past lessons learned and sometimes that reveals just how little we actually know.

Ironically, it’s a no-brainer!

Please forgive me

Now we get to the heart of Dorothy’s alliance with compassion but unfortunately this friend is missing a heart. Our rigid and aloof counterpart is the only archetype with a synthetic weapon as well and I believe the ax is a symbol of our free hand in reconciliation.

We can choose to forgive or not

In either way, we are making a choice and utilizing our free well.

Additionally shown by the Tin Man not being able to talk or move, we too must loosen the relentless and heartless grip of being anti-merciful and ASK nicely for our forgiveness.

May need some emotional oil (crying perhaps) to move and speak freely but it will get you unstuck!

In the process of forgiving myself, I had to ask my guides and the Universe at large during my ho’oponopono session to be merciful as I make my way back to a pure state of living spiritually. Turning my gifts into profit has felt negative for a while now, but all that is changing as I step away from running my biz in greed to earning a consistent income based on my service to others.

Thank you

The last mantra of this ho’oponopono cycle is about gratitude + appreciation which the cowardly Lion emulates triumphantly by singing his own tune about being king of the forest.

Realizing the courage it takes to forgive can allow you to rejoice in your own nobility.

The reward from traveling to the heart chakra in a meaningful way to make things right again is abundantly positive. Surely it’s something to be grateful for because you’ve conquered your own Wicked Witch in this chapter.

There’s more to the story

Now, I am not finished with my ho’oponopono practice and have been working on it diligently for the past few days as I face new lions, tigers and bears (oh my). But this so far has been an enlightening journey and I hope to have inspired you to try ho’oponopono in any and all cases where you need to forgive so that you can reach the other side of the rainbow and feel like there’s no place like home in the end.

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Defeating the grayscale solopreneur with intensity

I am so bloody grateful that my life is changing.

And for the better I might add!

I am so bloody grateful to not invest in programs, features, services, sessions and the rest of Narnia online because most of the internet offers like becoming certified in reiki or psychic powers tends to be all biz and no heart!

See the smoke and mirrors

For the past year as an observant pea on the veggie platter, I have witnessed an overwhelming increase of coaches, solopreneurs and new age folks that twist their words to make YOU feel so desperately inspired by what they so CHARMINGLY bring to the table.

“Pay what you can…”

“My friend so-and-so…”

“You get this $1,000 bundle for free if…”

As a loveable and sensational spirit online, I like to know what my competition is doing at all times.

A supreme upper hand tactic for this firefly warrior. But even my slimy kindness can only handle so much bullshit before the anger deepens.

I am here to tell you that yes, these holistic-wellness-new-agey-positive-spirit-love and light preachers are in it for the money.

How else are they suppose to make a living?

They are suppose to make a living naturally.

Whatever their talents and passions may be here on Earth coupled by an imaginary monetary value that’s been socio-economically calculated (aka moolah) determines their value.

Yet, they choose to turn away from anything negative by blocking the bad apples or overstimulate their brand with heart-gripping chatter to make you feel like they are the peachiest of people on this abundant planet.

Ugh, as if!

You have to know thyself before you invest

Yes, you (as the consumer) may be frantically desperate for someone else to give the know all and say all for your situation but you have to acknowledge your own light first. This is your natural power and once you buy a product, choose a handyman or read a book, you are giving away a bit of your power.

By doing so, you agree for the Universe to align your energy or cause to that person, place or thing!

This is why reading reviews and listening to your intuition is so very important.

Your intuitive nature already picks up on a good review or good person. It equally picks up on the bad apples in the basket.

Who can you trust?

Great question and the ball is still and always in your court – but hear me out!

Since dabbling in this funny farm of online entrepreneurship, the term information overload comes to mind. Yet, instead of focusing on the content of information (we all can share great info) the time must come to crack open those pages we like and people we follow to understand if they are human.

Do they honestly express empathy, adversity, commitment, and enthusiasm for their work?  or Do they honestly express sympathy, misery, denial, and laziness?

Calling the kettle black

Depending on where you are at energetically, you attract and relate to vibrations that bring you into full balance. And balance can be a happy-go-lucky vibe or it can feature challenges to help you counter weaknesses (or allow opposites to attract).

If you stumble across a psychic, medium, card reader, holistic practitioner, business and life coach then remember to always see them through supreme intensity. This takes away the flashy colors and gives them a real dosage of how much light or darkness they carry in relation to how much you carry as well.

If you do have trouble catching the wolf in sheep’s clothing then I suggest reading this post on using love and light in vain.

A soulful interview with Jodi Chapman

Celebrating a year strong with my soul is enthralling, enriching and enchanting and I’m happy to share with you a little inside scoop behind the blood of the Soulful Life Sanctuary.

I continuously meet so many talented folk along my journey in effort to live soulfully and it’s expanded quite a bit since my involvement with the Soul Path Tribe and my own color biz. Along my way, I’ve stumbled into one particular woman that’s collecting more and more internet-based entrepreneurs and healers like myself by the minute. I call her a soul-keeper, but in a decent way of course!

Ever meet a soul-keeper before?

Well grab a cup of tea and sit with me as I unravel Jodi’s soul, life and why she built her very own online sanctuary and how you can live more soulful.

Jodi Chapman photo

For those who are meeting you for the first time, please tell us more about yourself.

If you’re just meeting me for the first time, I would love to start by saying hello. I’m grateful that our paths have crossed, and I look forward to being on this journey together!

I live with my heart on my sleeve. I’m sensitive, loving, sappy, authentic, and soulful. I’m an inspirational writer. I found my voice just a few years ago when I connected with my soul, and we’ve been non-stop ever since – writing books, blogs, columns, and ecourses! It fills me up to connect with others authentically and lovingly, which is why I love creating communities and sites that allow for this deep interaction.

I live in southern Oregon with my super loving, always supportive, best friend/husband/soulmate, Dan Teck. We share our lives with three sweet cats: Biddle, Buncom, and Elsie.

I am a recovering perfectionist who is learning that loving myself and knowing that I am enough exactly as I am is far more important than finishing the to-do list or crossing every “t” or dotting every “i” or doing everything so far above and beyond. This has been something that I continue to remind myself of each day, and it feels pretty good to put work away and slow down and allow myself to simply be. It’s different but definitely something that I’m getting used to. :)


You’ve just created the Soulful Life Sanctuary, and I would love for you to share more about it with us!

I would love to! It’s been a dream of mine for quite awhile now, and I’m so excited that it’s here! The Soulful Life Sanctuary is a sacred community where we lift each other up and support each other in listening to our soul’s whispers. It’s a gathering of like-minded friends and a collection of soulful tools and resources to help you along your journey. You’ll be supported every step of the way by me, plus a dozen Soul Guides and a loving community of like-minded friends. It’s a place where we can slow down, share authentically, reconnect with our soul, and open our hearts to others who are on a similar journey. 


What inspired you to create the Soulful Life Sanctuary?

I created the sanctuary for a few reasons: to give each of us a sacred community where our hearts could share openly and expand with others who are on a similar journey, to create a loving space where we could slow down from all of the DOing and simply BE, and to bring together soulful tools to help each of us along our journey.

I have found in my own life that it’s sometimes easier to disconnect from our true voice – our soul, our purpose, the deeper meaning of life – than it is to stay connected. Life gets so busy, we’re all driven by our to-do lists, and DOing sometimes seems to be given more priority than BEing.

This is something that I’ve struggled with throughout my life, actually. I’ve accomplished some really great things through doing and pushing and achieving. And I’m so grateful for that. But I found that all of these achievements didn’t mean anything to me if I lost my connection to my soul and to the universe and to what’s truly important in my life. If I wasn’t present, grounded, or connected, I wasn’t able to enjoy these accomplishments. They felt hollow to me, and I couldn’t feel grateful for them.

On the other hand, I found that when I was connected with my soul, to others, and to the universe, I could appreciate everything that happened in my life much more easily.

It’s my intention that the Soulful Life Sanctuary will be a space for all of us to go when we’re ready to reconnect with our soul, connect with each other from an authentic space, and breathe a collective exhale.


Can you tell us more about what’s included in the Soulful Life Sanctuary?

I would be happy to! The Soulful Life Sanctuary includes a supportive community, a virtual classroom/retreat center, and a set of tools/resources to help you live your most radiant, authentic, soulful life!

Here’s a taste of what’s included:

  • Unlimited Sanctuary Access for 12 Months + Discounted Price for Life! – You’ll be able to pick and choose from a huge “buffet” of soulful offerings—from ecourses and live classes to blogs and forums…and so much more! Plus, you’ll be grandfathered in at the super-low early bird price for as long as you stay a member, regardless of future price increases!
  • Sacred Spaces and Soul Guides – Over a dozen virtual “rooms” focused on soulful topics such as Spirituality, Wellness, Abundance, Soulful Parenting, Self Love and Relationships, and much more—led by the Soul Guides.
  • Ecourses – You’ll have instant access to ALL of my ecourses—including the popular “Coming Back to Life” course and many others (eight available immediately, with at least three more being added within the year)—on topics including soulful journaling, relationships, soulful business tips, gratitude, manifestation, daily spiritual practice, and much more!
  • Live and Archived Classes – You’ll get free access to online classes on a wide variety of topics—ranging from intuitive readings to life coaching and nutrition. You can attend live or through an archive, which you can access at any time during your membership. You can even apply to teach your own class!
  • Private Facebook Community – As a member, you’ll have access to the sanctuary’s private Facebook community, which is a safe space for you to connect with the other members and also myself and the Soul Guides.
  • Your Own Personalized Page – You’ll be able to create a personal page where you can upload photos, share about yourself, see your latest activities, and read and respond to comments that other members have left for you.
  • Soulful Blogs – As a sanctuary member, you can share your soulful wisdom through your blog, and you can also be inspired by reading others’ blogs! It’s a great way for us to connect and learn from each other.
  • Sanctuary Shop – You’ll have access to a wide variety of soulful gifts and services—all from sanctuary members. You can also apply to have your products/services listed in the shop, where you’ll be able to reach thousands with your own soulful offerings!
  • Optional Monthly Skype Sessions and Facebook Parties – As a sanctuary Member, you’ll also have the option to be part of the Soul Shakers’ community, which includes monthly Skype sessions (in groups of 9 or fewer), as well as a private forum where we can connect more deeply and support each other in reaching our dreams authentically and soulfully!

More than anything else, though, the Soulful Life Sanctuary is a sacred space where you can slow down, listen to your soul’s whispers, and connect with that deepest part of yourself and others! It’s a place where you can reconnect with that beautiful light that shines within you and share it with the world. It’s a place where you can come home to your true self.

Who is the sanctuary for?

The Soulful Life Sanctuary is for those who are:

  • feeling called to slow down and reconnect with their soul, their purpose, and their place in the world.
  • tired of feeling like they’re walking through life alone and are wanting to connect with others who are on a similar journey.
  • excited to immerse themselves in a loving community that offers soulful tools to help them become more grounded and connected to both the physical and spiritual world.
  • ready to show up authentically and openly, ready to get real (with themselves and also with others), and ready to be in a supportive, safe space where they can take off the mask and share their true self.
  • open to spiritual growth and want to feel free to explore through ecourses and live classes.
  • ready to step into their soul’s purpose (or at least explore what that purpose might be).
  • ready to give themselves permission to Do less and Be more.
  • ready to love and be loved, to give and to receive, and to stay open to the magic.

What does soulful living mean to you?

For me, it means being connected to our soul – to that magical, neverending part of ourselves who is so wise and loving. It’s so easy to walk through life feeling disconnected, and so this would be the first part of living soulfully – plugging back in.

It also means that we’re open to giving and receiving love, and we’re open to allowing ourselves to embrace our life. We open to the possibility that the world is for us rather than against us, and we see our life through a lens of expansion and possibility. We open ourselves up to miracles.

It also means living authentically – bravely sharing our true selves with the world – letting our uniqueness shine through. It means that we come back to the present moment – over and over again. We know that it’s natural to leave it (we’re human after all), but we also know that we have the power to come back to it – to get into the habit of grounding ourselves and breathing this exact moment into our hearts.

Living soulfully means living a balanced life. It means taking time for ourselves as well as supporting others.

It means saying yes to our soul’s whispers – acting on them and honoring them, even if we are afraid (especially if we are afraid).

I believe that a soulful life is a life filled with so much love. 

How has your life changed since you started paying attention to the whispers of your soul? 

Wow – it’s changed in so many ways! I used to be so disconnected from my soul that I didn’t even remember I had a soul, much less listen to what it whispered to me. It’s only been a few years since I opened up to this part of myself, and everything has changed.

I used to be very mistrusting of others, and living soulfully has helped me to move through life trusting others and being open – assuming the best rather than fearing the worst. The lens that I see the world through has changed – it’s now loving and filled with possibility rather than fearful and cynical. My world is now expansive rather than constricted. And I’ve found that what I focus on becomes my reality – we’re truly that powerful. So if I focus on love and gratitude, I automatically am going to attract more love and gratitude into my life.

I am awake now rather than walking through life feeling numb. Because of this, I feel everything – the good and also the bad. But I feel alive, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I get to spend my days sharing from my soul through my writing and in my communities, which is so magical.

My soul has led me to such a beautiful life, and I will continue to put all of my trust and faith into this wise part of myself. I know that it knows more than I ever will, and I’m so grateful that we all have this special gift to tap into. 

 Jodi Chapman

What are the benefits for people who join the sanctuary?

Oh my gosh, there are so many!

First, I would say that the biggest benefit for anyone who joins is to know that they are a part of a loving community of like-minded souls where they can show up authentically and soulfully and be completely supported and accepted.

Second, joining means that you are letting your soul know that your connection to this wise part of yourself matters to you, and you are committing to making space to honor and expand on this connection. The more you make connecting with your soul a regular part of your life, the easier it will become and the more benefits, love, and wisdom you will receive from it.

Third, you’ll have access to so many tools to support you in reconnecting with your soul, slowing down, and embracing your life. You’ll receive access to all of my ecourses immediately when the sanctuary opens, plus there will be classes offered frequently, which are free to the members! 

Can you share one way that you would suggest we can begin connecting with our soul? 

Definitely! Our soul oftentimes speaks to us in whispers, and the only way we’ll be able to hear it is to slow down, get still, and listen. So I would suggest scheduling some “soul time” each day – time away from the to-do list, time away from others, time where you can be still and simply BE. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of time either – just a few minutes is sometimes all we need to ground ourselves enough to hear our soul. I’ve found that doing this regularly creates space for magic. It really is that easy.

That’s great! I also saw that you’re offering a special discount for everyone who joins the sanctuary in June! Please share more about that!

It’s true! The sanctuary opens on July 1st, and I wanted to kick it off early with a special discount for everyone who signed up now! So I’m offering $100 off the regular price all month long! You’ll receive over $1300 in goodies when you join + over $2000 in bonus gifts if you’re one of the first 50 to sign up. It’s pretty amazing, and I know that your soul will be so full when you dive into all that’s included! I can’t wait to see you inside!

This sounds so wonderful! Where can everyone go to learn more about the sanctuary and sign up?

You will find all of the details here:

Soulful Life Sanctuary


Great! Is there anything else you would like to share?

I know that we’re all busy. I know that life seems to be speeding up. I know that we think we don’t have time to join one more thing or put anything else on our plate. I get that – I really do. But here’s the thing: all of these to-dos mean nothing if we aren’t connected to our soul, to ourselves, to each other, and to our purpose. I don’t want any of us to spend even one more day running around and saying that we’ll put ourselves on the list “someday.” The time truly is now. You’re worth slowing down for. You’re worth taking time to get grounded. You’re worth living a life that feeds your soul and brings you joy. And it’s up to you to say yes to yourself and yes to your soul. I can’t wait for you to join me in the sanctuary. We’re going to have so much fun together!

Jodi Chapman is a bestselling author, an award-winning blogger, and an inspirational community builder. She wears her heart on her sleeve and tends to attract others into her life who do the same. It’s her heart’s desire to help others reconnect with their soul and plug back into their life.

Jodi Chapman is a bestselling author, an award-winning blogger, and an inspirational community builder. She wears her heart on her sleeve and tends to attract others into her life who do the same. It’s her heart’s desire to help others reconnect with their soul and plug back into their life.