A spirit wellness party thank you

Unbelievable success poured out into the cyber-spheres last week and I have you to thank.

My 2014 Spirit & Wellness Link Party was a great way to bring in the new year and so many connections happened. Here is an overview of our success:

8 guest bloggers 

24 prizes 

31 featured members throughout the week 

On average there were 300 hits per day during the event 

Over 6,100 giveaway entries

Most liked guest post: Dawna Kreis for “The Spoils of ‘Growing Up’”

Most commented guest post: Diane Floerchinger for “Uncovering My Intuition”

All giveaway winners have been sent emails and have until the FULL MOON, January 15, 2014 to reply confirming their prize. Directions on how to claim the giveaway is in the email.

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The Spoils of “Growing Up”

By Dawna Kreis

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, there was a little girl. She was a wild, intuitive spirit filled with imagination. The light of her Divine Self shined so brightly.

She lived in a world of enchantment. A world where humans and animals co-existed in peace and even intermingled with one another. Both – humans and animals – were known as intelligent creatures, sharing their lives and conversing with one another. Why, it was not even unheard of for even the most wild of the animal kingdom – the fierce Bengal Tiger, for instance – to choose a human with which to “pal around” and protect.

She sang and danced her way through life. Every day an adventure. Time never an issue. Every moment came and went without fanfare. No one was more important than the other. Each was equally special. Each filled with infinite possibility and magic.

The same could be said about lifetimes. No one had a beginning, nor did it have an end. All melding together in one long string of existence which she could easily recall and would eagerly share details of such with her mother.

Time marched on, though, as it always seems to do. Criticism and perfection as well as secrecy – things which were not inherent to her spirit -began to overshadow her existence.

“These are not things which we do or speak of in front of others. They just don’t understand. It makes them uncomfortable.”

This partnered with family disputes and relocation, resulted in her being torn away from her world of enchantment, from the people and animal friends she so loved. The only adults she was left to depend upon were those who considered children to be “unacceptable”, believing children ought to be “seen and not heard”. Within this environment, it was necessary for her to grow up, tossing aside “childish things” prematurely. A “little adult”, she closed herself off from the outside world, her Self, and her intuition all in an effort to find acceptance and security. 

Her once bright light had been diminished.

It was not until many, many years later – through synchronicity, divine guidance, call it what you will – that she began to remember; that she began to mourn and long for what she had given up in order to feel safe and secure. It was then that she… that I… embarked upon a quest to rediscover that enchanted world once left behind.

Through processes of outer and  inner exploration, I have found my way to the head of the trail which will lead me back. Since my departure, however, the trail has become overgrown with doubt and “reason”. Like thorny vines, they grow thick obscuring the path, strangling the lush vegetation that once lined it. The direction I must travel to reach “home” no longer clear.

Intuition tells me, though… This year (2014) is the year I will find my way back, and once I do, then I can set my mind to repairing the damage that was done to the space and ME, all in my effort to “grow up”.

More about today’s featured guest

blogphotoAs a Spiritual and Life Path mentor, it is Dawna’s Purpose (and honor) to act as a companion and guide to others as they blaze a unique trail that spans the breadth of their own individual Journey.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mentalmystic

Twitter Page: http://www.twitter.com/dawnakreis

What do you mean intuition?

By Karen Sealey

It’s a funny old word intuition and one that amuses me greatly in oh so many ways…

As a tarot reader, I get quizzed all the time on it and how I answer very much depends on the mood I’m in and it can change and vary… so… today… I offer up these random musings…

First off, I’d better come clean and get this one out of the closet… I have a hefty dose of Science in my academic background, which probably accounts for some of my reluctance to explain to other people how I define intuition. The definition of the word is…

The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning

And that goes against the grain of a Science brain, that’s been steered into analysing and measuring and quantifying… Or does it? At first glance maybe… but dig a bit deeper and do some research about how some of the biggest break- throughs in Science came about and some interesting tales come to light… My favourite tale is the tale of a snake’s tail and how     August Kekulé solved the puzzle of the shape of the benzene molecule, after dreaming of a snake swallowing its own tail… the ancient symbol of the ouroboros. Dreams revealed what hundreds of hours on study had failed to… and that pretty much sounds like a good case for the power of intuition to me.

When did I first encounter intuition? Again… a hard question… I know that it was as a very young child and I have many early memories of ‘ just knowing stuff’. What I do know is, is that I use my intuition now on a daily basis and I’ve been working with that in a pretty intense and personal way for a couple of years now and by exploring ideas through writing and artwork, I’ve come to recognise the times and events in life that caused me to switch off and shut down many parts of my mind and along with that, my use of intuition.

I’ll spare you the exact details and particulars of the how’s and whens of how these things came to pass… as they are indeed, very much in the past… though I will share with you, the common theme. Each time I closed a part of me off, it was in response to being labeled or judged or defined by other people who wanted for whatever reason, to fit me into a little box of ideas that they wanted to see and were comfortable with…

I bit by bit put my dreams away in pursuit of a quiet life… But that just doesn’t work in the long term… and a constant mindset of keeping the peace leads to no peace for anybody… But life has a way of conspiring to bring you the lessons you need to learn and eventually a combination of events tipped me to the point where I’d had a gut full and decided to push back…

Then life started to get much more interesting… I started to connect to all sorts of new people and I have a pretty disparate collection of friends, gathered purely on the basis that I like them! I find them interesting and they bring me joy! I don’t always agree with them and their ideas, nor they with mine… but we accept each other as we are, we agree to differ and make time to share the things we enjoy…

And these friends, these are the people who I have connected with by listening to my intuition… All the past times and adventures that I get myself into these days… they come from listening to my intuition… I churn out pictures like a woman possessed; I’ve been to dance classes – belly dance and ballet… Not because I’m a gifted dancer… But because these are things that I allowed other people to call the shots on and to tell me that I wasn’t meant to be doing…

Yeah… what ev’! I don’t buy into that nonsense any more… If I spot something and it makes me smile and feel good inside and I think… yeah… that’d be good… then I try it.

My latest intuitive sign up, was for a course in comedy and storytelling, so I’m currently sitting with homework to write sketches and a stand up routine for a show in a few weeks’ time… wish me luck! Or should I say ‘Break a leg!’?

And all my interesting projects that I now work on, stemmed from my laughing to myself over something and then blurting out – Hey! I’ve got a good idea! Wouldn’t it be really funny if this happened…

So, for me, that little phrase indicates that I’m switched on and using my intuition…

And what I’ve learnt about intuition is, that when you follow it, it may not lead you where you expected to go, but it takes you places that you don’t regret…

And when you ignore it… well… then that’s a steady decline into an unhappy place…

I think of working with intuition as being a way to discover who you were born to be and to let out the gifts and talents that you arrived here with… A way of becoming the best version of yourself…

How you define intuition?

Well my friend… that’s entirely up to you…

It’s a personal call and something only you can decide…

Choose for yourself…

Oh… and on a final note… should you find yourself in the position, whereby somebody offers you unsolicited advice and help on how you could be doing things ‘better’, or highlighting how you are doing things ‘wrong’ or my personal favourite ‘Making a fool of yourself!’…

Thank them kindly, completely ignore the ‘pearls of wisdom’ and then get right back to doing whatever it is that you were doing, that makes you happy!

Hey! I’m a tarot reader! It’s a rockin’ compliment to be considered a Fool!

More about today’s featured guest

karen sealey photo
Tarot Reader, Healer, Intuitive Artist often accused of reading with whizz bang accuracy in a wonderfully unique and effective style. I contributed to Tarot Turn, edited by Tali Goodwin and Marcus Katz. I provided a study on The Last Judgement (Rev) to the first crowd-sourced Tarot Dictionary of Reversed card pairs. A unique reference work compiling 12,000 interpretations by over 100 worldwide professional readers.

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