Ariadne’s message: You give him the world and you get the stars

changing heart chakra

Hello July.

Last month we were graced by the multiarmed Hindu Goddess, Durga. She slayed her own bully with lot of wit and now in the Soul Path Tribe, we are conquering more bully energy through the Greek wisdom of Ariadne.

Ariadne helped a brothah from another mothah out in a labyrinth with some magic thread and then as legend has it deserted that love interest for another that took her crown and made a constellation.

It’s unclear if the man she saved left her stranded at a beach or if she was the one to fancy another but regardless when those people you do so much for end up turning away as if nothing happened can really pull your strings!

Don’t you just love the tangledness that love brings to us?

In my own life, this labyrinth energy is super relevant because I find myself giving magic threads to all my ex-lovers hoping they too can slay the Minotaur in their own life. But if this plays out like the mythic tale suggests then I might as well use the thread productively to weave an elaborate tapestry or crochet a cute a scarf or something.

Rather than trying to save my unrequited lovebugs.

We all give our power away and it could be in very discreet ways, it’s because by nature we are faithful and hopeful.



Good at heart.

These tales as old as Zeus share warnings and wisdom so that we as petty mortals can live heroically.

People in the face of danger will open all their chakras to live happily and merrily, but when nothing instigates such a threat and comfort settles then the chakras close and spin slowly. We tend to forget and habitually go back to the junk food, needless spending and reliving patterns to fuel our hopeless romances.

One of the best ways to get to know your energy for balance and to avoid becoming that raging bull in the china shop or clumsy lethargic oaf is to use colors that are grounding, open and mindful.

Ask yourself what colors make you feel rooted, free and wise.

By the looks so far, Ariadne’s message is hitting home in a myriad of ways for me and I can’t wait to read how others got out of their own life’s labyrinth and use this month’s color energy to throw my crown to the sky to create a constellation among the stars.

Come follow my thread, firefly by ordering your very own color journal because it’s a new month and you could get out of this maze too!

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Defeating the grayscale solopreneur with intensity

I am so bloody grateful that my life is changing.

And for the better I might add!

I am so bloody grateful to not invest in programs, features, services, sessions and the rest of Narnia online because most of the internet offers like becoming certified in reiki or psychic powers tends to be all biz and no heart!

See the smoke and mirrors

For the past year as an observant pea on the veggie platter, I have witnessed an overwhelming increase of coaches, solopreneurs and new age folks that twist their words to make YOU feel so desperately inspired by what they so CHARMINGLY bring to the table.

“Pay what you can…”

“My friend so-and-so…”

“You get this $1,000 bundle for free if…”

As a loveable and sensational spirit online, I like to know what my competition is doing at all times.

A supreme upper hand tactic for this firefly warrior. But even my slimy kindness can only handle so much bullshit before the anger deepens.

I am here to tell you that yes, these holistic-wellness-new-agey-positive-spirit-love and light preachers are in it for the money.

How else are they suppose to make a living?

They are suppose to make a living naturally.

Whatever their talents and passions may be here on Earth coupled by an imaginary monetary value that’s been socio-economically calculated (aka moolah) determines their value.

Yet, they choose to turn away from anything negative by blocking the bad apples or overstimulate their brand with heart-gripping chatter to make you feel like they are the peachiest of people on this abundant planet.

Ugh, as if!

You have to know thyself before you invest

Yes, you (as the consumer) may be frantically desperate for someone else to give the know all and say all for your situation but you have to acknowledge your own light first. This is your natural power and once you buy a product, choose a handyman or read a book, you are giving away a bit of your power.

By doing so, you agree for the Universe to align your energy or cause to that person, place or thing!

This is why reading reviews and listening to your intuition is so very important.

Your intuitive nature already picks up on a good review or good person. It equally picks up on the bad apples in the basket.

Who can you trust?

Great question and the ball is still and always in your court – but hear me out!

Since dabbling in this funny farm of online entrepreneurship, the term information overload comes to mind. Yet, instead of focusing on the content of information (we all can share great info) the time must come to crack open those pages we like and people we follow to understand if they are human.

Do they honestly express empathy, adversity, commitment, and enthusiasm for their work?  or Do they honestly express sympathy, misery, denial, and laziness?

Calling the kettle black

Depending on where you are at energetically, you attract and relate to vibrations that bring you into full balance. And balance can be a happy-go-lucky vibe or it can feature challenges to help you counter weaknesses (or allow opposites to attract).

If you stumble across a psychic, medium, card reader, holistic practitioner, business and life coach then remember to always see them through supreme intensity. This takes away the flashy colors and gives them a real dosage of how much light or darkness they carry in relation to how much you carry as well.

If you do have trouble catching the wolf in sheep’s clothing then I suggest reading this post on using love and light in vain.

The best fight you’ll ever pick

you are worth picking photo

It’s early morning and I have been dealing with cosmic whiplash under this Cancer new moon to tell you the truth.

My communication skills suck when it comes to my personal life and I have retreated behind html and a keyboard to show my inner most thoughts.

Not so healthy.

Where I live now isn’t conducive for true positive spirit or mutual respect. I am caught in limbo and many new agey advocates would preach ‘gratitude’ and ‘love’ as the answer. To a certain extent this is true. But the other half of me (the Capricorn) wants something predictable and practical.

I cried profusely after masturbating too soon (a struggle that’s fear-based and causing me to feel ashamed and misguided) and the depression I am feeling sent me to the shower to cleanse.

Cleanse away the pain and frustration I’ve been feeling for months and flood these new seeds of hopelessness that are sprouting into a bramble of sorts.

My introversion has built a strong defense over the years.

Yet, I am doubting the strength of my shell as we speak.

I always knew I was a bit odd because I did not have a ravaging interest in what other straight kids enjoyed (football, recess, card games, sex, alcohol, etc). More so, I don’t have an interest in this life…period. The trees and flowers are nice and the feelings when I watch wild animals zip along my path reminds me that I too can live instinctively on the flight or fight response.

Stress often times make it “appear” super easy to flee the crime scene. But what happens when you stick around?

Fear of punishment, blame and rejection all rise to the consciousness. I know this because I’ve been there for many occasions. I got suspended from school, served my detentions, lashed out at authority, and got physically violent too. But I stayed in the game for each one, because I am curious to see how courageous I can be in addition to being bit of a stubborn ass.

Something in my brain snaps when I enter warrior mode.

Armed to protect at all costs or ready to save.

It’s typically a two-sided mission.

You must be in suit to defend yourself and others while you are saving the greater cause from extinction.

This new moon energy is in the sign of Cancer and archetypal attributes to this emotional zodiac is providing nutriment at all costs but snapping when it feels it’s home or security is threatened.

The cancerian energy is featured in my house of friendships and I’ve worked through a lot of energy since high school to reclaim the meaning of what it means to be a good friend. I know from first-hand how backstabbing + gossiping operates. The power we have with our words and actions is immense and that’s something I need to keep in mind as I try and save my relationships from drowning.

But then I need to see things with a clear pragmatic eye to know if it is a fight worth picking.

At this time last year, I would have recommended that no fight is worth the scar, but this time around my intuition is chiming along with my heart.

So, what should I do…

Let this CONSTANT rodeo eat my dust or instigate a LOVE-STRUCK stick up?