Get a color card from my own personal color deck

colordeckpreview special

My own color card deck is on it’s way and I need to beef it up with energy, but I would like your help to do so!

For a limited time only I have this super sexy color reading offer up for grabs but it’s not a just color reading.

This is your chance to purchase an intuitive color reading at a discounted price while I use my NEW cards + you will also receive a color card card in the mail that is solely part of my color deck.

I can only keep this offer open for so long and for so many people so if you gotten a color reading from me before this is your time to reconnect with me as the energy feels so super-charged right now like I am conjuring my own supermoon!

If you have never gotten a color reading from me now is the time to put my intuition and my deck to the test!

Believe me I love being a skeptic and scientist, but I can assure you that like thoughts and chemicals, color too is energy and it will transform your life.

Enable you to master your destiny.

Unfold a path that is flooded with soul and spirit.

Trust me this is the start of my colorful path as a warmage and I would be honored to guide you on how to use color to protect yourself against the evils of this world and how to better your spiritual evolution through color awareness.

You just need to take the leap of faith and blink your light with me.

Click here to preorder your GET A READING GET A CARD offer.

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My color altar: orange + the creative force in Mabon

orange altar

Traditionally for my own energy the timing of Mabon and all things autumn have been empowering.

This year takes no exceptions.

My orange altar is up and emitting powerful waves of creativity and force energy so epic that my passion for color is illuminating even the darkest parts of my business.

I am in the process of amplifying my blog here visually as well as structurally.

Where fireflies shop storefront is getting an up-do as well including some more interactive me time with clients! If you purchase a reading, you can chat with me in real time and I will be able to read your color and share with you it’s meanings in the quickest way possible.

But of course this is all the beginning to an adventure yet to come and my art of color reading is sacred so divine timing is in cosmic hands.

The spirit of Mabon is a reminder of the joy and celebration that our internal and external harvests must abundantly endure.

Bring all your energy forward to enjoy the last drop.

This past summer I have conquered my fears with abundance and in addition to maintaining a beautiful color biz, I can satisfy my basic survival needs with a full time job. This is totally worth celebrating and boosts my confidence to endure great threats that attack this land.

On my altar I have dried Black Eye Susie for justice and citrine crystals for success.

Books containing my life themes and a wand specially crafted for creative life-force.

I know that each of us are alive for a reason and walk a common purpose. And through color you’ll be able to tap into this energy source and see the road so much clearer. Believe me, even a doodle is worth appreciating.

Just create.

You are the co-pilot of your destiny so navigate well and explore fearlessly.

If you ever need a friend I am here for we could always use an ally in this world to help us face the darkest of evils.

Color altar challenge


Build + transform your sacred space into a colorful spiritual vehicle by mastering the legendary energies of the rainbow for the next 7 weeks.

Rainbow color energy is a powerful and cohesive spectrum of balance, joy and prosperity.

During this challenge, you will focus on a specific color of the rainbow each week to strengthen your senses and improve your relationship with color. I encourage you to share photos of your unique and beautiful altar space and feel free to use hashtags #rainbowaltar and #myaltar when posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Manifest your perfect altar

An altar has three easy elements you want to keep in mind: theme, location and decoration. Each element will be personal and unique to you so keep this in mind while you build, appreciate and share your altars with others.


An altar theme is super fun especially when you  feel like you have the purpose to beautify your sacred space. Many sample themes for altars go beyond beauty and capture essences of meditation, monthly goals, prayer/rituals, remembrance and seasonal tidings. The latter being most commonly accepted as we all pretty much decorate our homes as the seasons pass. For this challenge our theme is color and we will build our own altars based a primary color of the rainbow. Giving us seven hues to work with for seven days. If you feel compelled to move forward in the challenge or do not have a specific color then feel free to message me on ways we can balance your body and space with the colors you do have.


I don’t expect you to keep your altars in one or multiple places. The best part of what I do as a color reader is use my intuition and empathic abilities to feel out energy. This challenge shall give you practice in feeling out the perfect room for your colorful altars. Go ahead and use your imagination. You may wish to close your eyes, turn around three times in a room, and open rapidly to see where your fingers and eyeballs feel heavily drawn toward. Go there and set up home for a week. If you do have pets and small children be mindful that focused attention may call in unwanted forces. It’s always good to keep the area healthy and safe especially if you plan on using candles!


Speaking of candles…there are plenty of items to use to create a beautiful, eye popping and engaging altar. Let the items you choose speak to you. You have a whole week to meditate on why you chose them in the first place and how color speaks to you. Buying expensive figurines and crystals are not the main focus of having the perfect altar. An altar is always best adorned by intention, love and resourcefulness. However if you have a luxurious sweet tooth than work it like there’s no tomorrow! I often find rocks and pinecones (love love love pinecones by the way) outside that I bring inside to enhance my altar. Here is a quickie list of altar decor: fresh flowers or plants, candles, incense, silk or cotton scarves, rose petals, decorative stands, gemstone bowls, photos, written notes or affirmations, soft lighting, trinket boxes, totem animals.

Maintain your perfect altar

Upkeep is always important. If you let items sit for too long than the energy in the space becomes monotonous and obvious. Boring, I say! So if you keep your space tidy, dust free and energetically sound than the natural chi of your sacred space will be happy indeed. Some easy ways to keep your altar sparkly clean energetically is to incorporate crystals for cleansing like quartz and black tourmaline. I love to have himalayan sea salt around to keep positivity in the air. If you feel like your space is too cluttered than try the minimalist approach: negative space is free space. White sage is a great auric cleanser as well to maintain your perfect altar.

Now that we covered some fundamentals of altar building and cleaning.

Lets get down to playtime.

How to join the challenge

I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, but I do intend for you to find balance and some ability to master color energy by doing this challenge. As such I ask that you participate socially to some degree even if  it’s emailing me your altar photos every week and us having a quick chat. Whatever I can do to help you better understand color and improve your relationship with it would topple me with supreme joy!

Yes I love color this much so here’s what you can do…

Post altar photos on Intuitive Bernard

Get inspired by pinterest boards for each color as you embark along your color journey each week:




green and pink




Tag me in your colorful spaces on Instagram: @IntuitionHost

Schedule a color session over Skype to dive into color more honestly (use promo code: COLOR10 to save 10%)

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