Color altar challenge


Build + transform your sacred space into a colorful spiritual vehicle by mastering the legendary energies of the rainbow for the next 7 weeks.

Rainbow color energy is a powerful and cohesive spectrum of balance, joy and prosperity.

During this challenge, you will focus on a specific color of the rainbow each week to strengthen your senses and improve your relationship with color. I encourage you to share photos of your unique and beautiful altar space and feel free to use hashtags #rainbowaltar and #myaltar when posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Manifest your perfect altar

An altar has three easy elements you want to keep in mind: theme, location and decoration. Each element will be personal and unique to you so keep this in mind while you build, appreciate and share your altars with others.


An altar theme is super fun especially when you  feel like you have the purpose to beautify your sacred space. Many sample themes for altars go beyond beauty and capture essences of meditation, monthly goals, prayer/rituals, remembrance and seasonal tidings. The latter being most commonly accepted as we all pretty much decorate our homes as the seasons pass. For this challenge our theme is color and we will build our own altars based a primary color of the rainbow. Giving us seven hues to work with for seven days. If you feel compelled to move forward in the challenge or do not have a specific color then feel free to message me on ways we can balance your body and space with the colors you do have.


I don’t expect you to keep your altars in one or multiple places. The best part of what I do as a color reader is use my intuition and empathic abilities to feel out energy. This challenge shall give you practice in feeling out the perfect room for your colorful altars. Go ahead and use your imagination. You may wish to close your eyes, turn around three times in a room, and open rapidly to see where your fingers and eyeballs feel heavily drawn toward. Go there and set up home for a week. If you do have pets and small children be mindful that focused attention may call in unwanted forces. It’s always good to keep the area healthy and safe especially if you plan on using candles!


Speaking of candles…there are plenty of items to use to create a beautiful, eye popping and engaging altar. Let the items you choose speak to you. You have a whole week to meditate on why you chose them in the first place and how color speaks to you. Buying expensive figurines and crystals are not the main focus of having the perfect altar. An altar is always best adorned by intention, love and resourcefulness. However if you have a luxurious sweet tooth than work it like there’s no tomorrow! I often find rocks and pinecones (love love love pinecones by the way) outside that I bring inside to enhance my altar. Here is a quickie list of altar decor: fresh flowers or plants, candles, incense, silk or cotton scarves, rose petals, decorative stands, gemstone bowls, photos, written notes or affirmations, soft lighting, trinket boxes, totem animals.

Maintain your perfect altar

Upkeep is always important. If you let items sit for too long than the energy in the space becomes monotonous and obvious. Boring, I say! So if you keep your space tidy, dust free and energetically sound than the natural chi of your sacred space will be happy indeed. Some easy ways to keep your altar sparkly clean energetically is to incorporate crystals for cleansing like quartz and black tourmaline. I love to have himalayan sea salt around to keep positivity in the air. If you feel like your space is too cluttered than try the minimalist approach: negative space is free space. White sage is a great auric cleanser as well to maintain your perfect altar.

Now that we covered some fundamentals of altar building and cleaning.

Lets get down to playtime.

How to join the challenge

I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, but I do intend for you to find balance and some ability to master color energy by doing this challenge. As such I ask that you participate socially to some degree even if  it’s emailing me your altar photos every week and us having a quick chat. Whatever I can do to help you better understand color and improve your relationship with it would topple me with supreme joy!

Yes I love color this much so here’s what you can do…

Post altar photos on Intuitive Bernard

Get inspired by pinterest boards for each color as you embark along your color journey each week:




green and pink




Tag me in your colorful spaces on Instagram: @IntuitionHost

Schedule a color session over Skype to dive into color more honestly (use promo code: COLOR10 to save 10%)

Use the hashtags so I can find your awesome work:



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My dragon wing is broken but what does it mean

dragon statue broken wing photo

A few nights ago I was reaching for my charger near my bed and noticed a yellow shard on the ground.

Desolate and forgotten energies consumed my eyes as the space between my night table and bed only consist of parcels of crumbs and spider mischiefs. I picked up the piece apprehensively and instantly registered that the remnants I held belonged to my faithful companion.


My eyes began to swell and my heart chakra tried to erase the memory.

However, I knew that this small fracture of a wing must have broken while I was tossing and turning in my sleep.

I cried.

Upset at how something so strong in times of traveling and moving can be so fragile to the touch when it settles.

My dragon spirit has calmed and cooled in recent months and I realize that my energy has changed since gaining full time employment.

The art and craft of my spiritual self is more sacred.

I am more reserved.

Since I am not soaring with you all 24/7 on Facebook like I used to, I feel better.

I was giving away myself too much and not focusing on clarity and details that often fall to the wayside when you are way up in that skyblue space full of clouds from all around. I pushed myself to the point of breaking and it physically manifested by taking over my dragon figurine.

I am young still.

Exuberant with endless energy to live.

Why should I settle when I can soar to great heights and achieve victories unbeknownst to me at this time.

My independence is key as an Aries through and through and being able to move to my own beat is how I survive. I embrace change as if it’s a new adventure.

As this season begins to end, my energy changes with and it appears that my connections with elephant are growing stronger. While my tenacity drawn by dragon erodes a bit in order to bring harmony to my present existence, I am grateful that this wing can be fixed.

I will be soaring soon on my own but until then I will mend what’s been broken in my spirit.

Comebacks are sweet firefly and even if there is something chipped, broken or missing in your life know that you may have to go inside to recover what you need.

What does the spiritual animal totem elephant mean in three words

In the last 24 hours, I have been on a safari with my soul.

Moments captured only by me and no one else penetrated my understanding of what it means to connect on a level so enriched by spirit that squealing to you about my journey is a must. So I hope you got your best shoes on to walk with me.

Virtual flats, heels or sneakers will do.

elephant animal spirit guide totem necklace

My elephant necklace given to me by my maternal grandmother.

I rumbled in a mess of despair last week and had to conjure a quickish spell for my love to remain at peace.

Truly the heartache that I feel when I’m snubbed for superficial reasons set me off like a volcano. I have anger issues and it’s partly due to the injustice and stupidity I have carried as an old soul in this universe. Time after time, you would think that the human population would somehow just get it.

Nah we have half of them worshiping the ego and the other half is ignorant to anything remotely cosmic. I do know this isn’t fair to all those that are trying their best and following a vibration much suited for a Utopia, but the interesting thing in all of life is the effortless simplicity embedded within our tiny earthbound bubble.

I was called to elephants to understand my life in this moment.

My mind is blown so far – to be able to look at a regular zoo animal symbol that you simply accept without question after all these years with new and improved eyes restructures your way of connecting + understanding.

Elephants look alien to me.

Have you taken the time to feel an elephant with your mind? I don’t know about you but I don’t have easy access to feel up an elephant with my bare hands. So, I have to do it with my mind.

Taking in each leg, texture of the skin, smooth and sometimes crackled tusk.

What does it feel like to sound like an elephant, I asked myself. Then the message of this spirit guide was starting to appear. I watched mini-videos on YouTube about elephants and even managed to listen to an elephant soundscape while doodling my new moon intentions.

Ganesh a gayly pal of mine stepped forward. He is a Hindu god and has been devoted to my gay two-spirit for some time as well. I let this notion slide a bit because I knew there was more to elephant’s message for me than to connect to Ganesh. Not saying this isn’t the point, but more so that there are things we do not yet comprehend about animals that we take for granted so I wanted to mainly focus on elephantidae.

Elephants mourn death

Quite a bizarre message that stepped onto my path is that when it comes to death, elephants do care. They don’t ignore the carcass in front of them. I adore this symbology and fact because we often times tell ourselves it’s better to ignore the change we see along our way. We ignore the fact that someone is no longer who they were months maybe even days ago. Change is a constant in our world and how elephants handle their loss is how we should endure our own. I was always fearful of death. Afraid that my own story would not be finished in time for me to leave this energetic playing field. However, since my holistic wellness intuition colorful sexiness, I guess you can say death I am no longer afraid. I mourn in my own way and elephants do as well. A slowing pace and gentle examination of their counterpart’s remains fascinates me. It’s as though they use their trunks to feel out pieces of soul still left from their sister or brother.

At this point in my learning, I balled my eyes out. And even telling you about this makes me a wee bit teary – which takes me to my next point.

Elephants thrive as an emotive spirit

If you cross a mamma elephant with her child, you best believe some intense emotions are going to get you. I resonate with this particular aspect of elephant energy because I am not only an empath but an emotive. Emotives are people that avoid neutral gray feelings and authentically express how they feel when they feel it. Its brash and bold to say the least but the genuine feelings expressed are neither contrived or confusing. I much rather deal with energy that is real and honest as opposed to fake and misleading.

A part of elephant’s evolution derives from being a water species. This too plays into their amazing swimming capabilities but also on a metaphysical level, water is the element of intuition and emotions. I believe that if you have trouble giving or receiving emotions than take to an elephant and go with the flow. Feel your feelings as they are and don’t let social conditions and manners get the best of you. Honestly, it’s better to know how someone really thinks of you as opposed to the average passive aggressive behavior that dominates much of this society.

Elephants announce balance

Like all creatures and environments, balance is a huge element that sustains life. You can’t really judge which part came first and which came last as the whole process of life is one big circle. However when you remove a piece of the core movement than translating that energy skips a beat and you become lost. Symbiosis with elephants is adorable and friendly. Birds sit atop their royal steed in exchange for protection and meals. Elephants get a great grooming service! However that’s a small portion of balance.

The abilities that elephants have that humans cannot perceive without the use of technology is brilliant. Elephants communicate to other elephants miles away with their own natural voice and this walky talky ability is being compiled into a dictionary by the way. A special combination of deep guttural sounds made by elephants on a typically day have been loosely translated to mean “all is well.”

ganesh strength elephant photo

Of course, I am still getting used to elephant energy in my life and will wear my necklace with more pride and commitment when I need a reminder to acknowledge change, express my true feelings and keep balance.

To sum up my safari with elephant energy in three words:

Staying in touch 

We must keep true to our inner elephant if we want to live in strength, firefly. Let me know if elephant energy is something you need more in your life right now. I would love to share with you the amazing 40-minute video about this wise sagey creature of the Great Rift Valley.