Get a color card from my own personal color deck

colordeckpreview special

My own color card deck is on it’s way and I need to beef it up with energy, but I would like your help to do so!

For a limited time only I have this super sexy color reading offer up for grabs but it’s not a just color reading.

This is your chance to purchase an intuitive color reading at a discounted price while I use my NEW cards + you will also receive a color card card in the mail that is solely part of my color deck.

I can only keep this offer open for so long and for so many people so if you gotten a color reading from me before this is your time to reconnect with me as the energy feels so super-charged right now like I am conjuring my own supermoon!

If you have never gotten a color reading from me now is the time to put my intuition and my deck to the test!

Believe me I love being a skeptic and scientist, but I can assure you that like thoughts and chemicals, color too is energy and it will transform your life.

Enable you to master your destiny.

Unfold a path that is flooded with soul and spirit.

Trust me this is the start of my colorful path as a warmage and I would be honored to guide you on how to use color to protect yourself against the evils of this world and how to better your spiritual evolution through color awareness.

You just need to take the leap of faith and blink your light with me.

Click here to preorder your GET A READING GET A CARD offer.

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The rise of a color warmage

fall 006

I write to you now in vicious anger.

Upset and lonely as I have never felt truly at home or at peace.

This world we walk through is filled with liars, fools and bitchy half-breeds destined to ruin the perfect essence of what it means to live a good life.

There is no one color to pinpoint how I feel at this moment.

All I can say is that much change is gracing my internal and external land.  I feel scared to disembark on my soul path and tempted to run through a forest filled with thorns and brambles so ratchet and unkept that neither man nor beast could ever find me.

I am partially bored as well.

Seeking adventure that I have neglected to satisfy because I am fearful of losing money and not being able to return. These are a day’s worth of thoughts that woven a perfectly colorful blanket for my ego to sit and rest upon.

Truth of the matter is that I am so angry that I make so much money and it goes away instantaneously to resources that should only be free.




Elements we need as a human being to survive in this merciless era.

Political fences lined my world since birth and I am here stuck.

Fearful that I won’t ever have enough.

Scarcity is what drives a man wild with rage and fear.

Wish I could give the people what they want, but sadly I have to find it myself. Which leads me to the point in writing all this to you.

I have been working with color energy profusely for over 7 years. The past two years being more in-tune with card readings and some fundamental scientific education about the power of light and color. The practical bits.

Well, it has come to a point now through my color journey as a soulful spirited young mage to announce to you something I have been holding back. This resistance of riding with the flow is another factor in my frustration and in this moment I am starting to feel an upliftment.

A calm.

What I would like to tell you is I have created a 108 color card deck of my own.

I will no longer be using Inna Segal’s beautiful work that strengthened my work as a color reader.Using my own intuition and knowing that light and dark is a huge part of understanding color energy, I finally found the courage to stand up against my fears, doubts and needed to tell you.

Keeping this a secret felt wrong and made me insecure with my own destiny.

This card deck for now is not available to purchase as I must master the colors more intently. However, once the deck arrives, my color readings will only be loved and cared for by this deck since it is mine and mine alone.

I hope one day to find a sea of pupils ready to enchant their lives with color as I have.

Until that time you can join my Facebook Page for color previews of the deck or book a reading with me using a special heart offer.

Starting september on a charitable note

Greetings September!

Happy labor and love day, firefly!

Remember the COLOR-ME-THON? I hope so it ended only yesterday! Well, I had the final tally and submitted the donation just a minute ago with the final dollar amount being $200!

Donation Confirmation ADAA

I did make it so that you all that contributed would be recognized as such by honoring this contribution to the spirit of firefly.

Seriously two Ben Franklins aiding research and efforts for anxiety and depression prevention! This moment could not feel any better and I am excited to embark on another donation effort if the time and cause feels right.

Just wanted to publicly announce this contribution so you know just how amazing you are.

Until next time.

Love, light and color!