5 colors of depression, grief and loss

I was struck with such an unmoveable weight in my heart last night when I saw  text messages sent by the most beloved people in my life telling me that Robin Williams passed away.

The Monday blues continued to whisk me further into a pit of despair and I cried relentlessly using up the last of the toilet paper I had stashed away under my bed.

I’ll tell you why…

Sunday was my day off from work and I celebrated my hometown’s gay pridefest with hummingbird. We were awestruck by the flow. It was pure joy to just be but I grew more sad as the day came to a close.

Everytime I feel free and happy, I must return to the mundane energy that the straight world imposes on the gay creature.

I get depressed and don’t want to speak to anyone when I feel homesick. That’s me.

Well, for the sake of simplicity I felt out some colors that I believe will help capitulate the senses when it comes to grief, loss and depression.

colors for depression

Probably the most obvious colors of this sullen force are black and gray. This combination often sets off a piece of artwork to appear dismal like bad weather and death. However more profoundly, I find that black is more so used in protection. At the pridefest, I’ve seen lots of attire consisting of black and this accent color seems to intensify the full spectrum of color in the rainbow in addition to making sure we ‘happy’ people are protected or closely grounded in shadows so that our natural light is not compromised.

How else are we to understand the light without the dark?

Gray matter is a secondary element to understanding grief in all forms because somehow we attach memories and forgetfulness to loneliness. When I am in a depressed state, I am unable to recall or have a harder time remembering the feelings of happiness or joy that someone or some event has allowed me to experience prior to the melancholy. Getting swept up by regrets and stagnancy places your soul in a ghostland. This in-between limbo feeling causes confusion and befuddles the best of us.

Rose red is related to your root chakra and thus speaks about intimacy and specifically lack thereof. For many, we yearn for an intimate understanding of our self and feel hopeless when we look outside to only discover that a majority of people and situations are absent of the treasure to which our soul seeks. I believe intuitively that rose red can stimulate the best parts of the root chakra but will depend on an individual’s own aura to gauge the proper color balance. Red fundamentally will relate to karmic pain as well as suicide.

URGENT: If you do feel depressed, lost and having an urge to be saved please take the time to chat with someone.

Purple is quite an independent color and it’s  found at your third eye chakra. Naturally our third eye reminds us of our inner world and how we see or envision our dreams. The darker hues of purple and violet match depression because we fall into a spell of withdrawal. Hermiting from our present moments to be slaves to our subconscious fears…alone. I advise using purple generally to establish fortitude with boundaries against energy vampires, but when your energetic circuit is compromised by depression or grief, this color can inadvertently build up mental blocks stronger than any tool can chisel away at. Be mindful when playing with self-sufficiency and the color purple as you may find your relationships with others distant and reserved.

The murkiness hidden within ivy green is an earth bound resentment for the soul linked to the heart chakra. In England it was believed that if ivy did not grow on a tombstone then the soul in the afterlife was unhappy. I believe this color green is symbolic of the growth of negativity that depression and other dis-eases bring to our energetic bodies and spaces. Vines of any sort can appear as a nuisance for most and may cause damage if the growth is not removed. The energy ensnares our freedom to escape.  Ivy in a metaphysical capacity reminds us how the soul wanders through time and space in search for enlightenment.  I actually own an ivy plant and it loves to grow toward the light but stay in the shadows of my windowsill. Much like a victim of depression this is true and the soul that dwells inside this earthly form may never be truly satisfied in this lifetime as it craves heart-based desires too foreign for this day and age.

robin williams quote photo

I’ll be honest, I don’t have the cure for your souls grief, firefly but I do try my hardest to paint the picture better to help you understand visually, emotionally and spiritually what your karmic commitments might be. So please if you are feeling down don’t let it bind you from living an extraordinary life you are destined to love. Sending you lots of well wishes and may you find peace with your shadowside. I am right alongside you and if you need some cheering support find me over on Facebook or Instagram, I would be honored to welcome your soul to my sacred space.

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Discovering your subtle bodies

How-To-Read-Aura-Of-A-Person-3 photo
It’s been a while since I posted last, but I hope everything is swimming for you with ease! For me and my energy, things have been on the upswing of life.

For example, I recently been training for a corporate brand in the fashion industry as their remote brand ambassador. Basically I assist people with their shopping needs and problems.

Customer service is a cut-throat and sometimes overly-sensitive adventure for the self-identified empath. I know! Jumping into the working world suddenly splashed my spirit a bit, but I kept running.

Before my full time opportunity took flight, I remember how coaches and new age gurus would preach about passion and following your heart. It almost felt like if you were not a solopreneur trying to act fake and shitting rainbows all the time then your message is ignored.

I am not one to sugar coat the ugliest forms of my essence. I find value in snakes, cacti and heart-pounding tantric sex. If you been following me you would know that being naked doesn’t embarrass me nor does throwing down a fuck when the energy calls for it.

So what does this mean for understanding the aura?

It took me some time to find the right job that can support my passions and ideals.Grappling with this tension for months ultimately pointed to feeling guilty every time I would would charge more than enough money for my services as a color psychic and on-call spiritualist.

Squeezing my karmic savings to try and live what others told me left me broke.

As an intuitive, I felt my aura depleting days before I would slip into a negative coma. Connecting with people that were secretly energy vampires and forgetting my own worth stripped my natural light. It muddled the hell out of my sense of direction and I was beginning to feel stuck again.

If you ever been in a cardboard box with very little light entering, then you know how it feels when your aura begins to fall short.

Honestly, my subtle bodies have resonated well with others in many forms (spirit and mortal) and not so much for the rest. It’s been an on-going process of growing and cleaning out needless garbage that’s been littering my personal and social spaces.

Luckily with my color knowledge and wiz-bang witchy abilities, I used yellow to bar most of my depression and aquamarine to soothe lots of hidden anger and resentment, but without these hardships I would have lost the voice of my secondary spirit animal, the Phoenix.

Overcoming adversity because fighting a fight that’s worth fighting for…to keep my aura healthy and free from the threats others imposed in my direction was the mission I needed to complete. Above all, strengthening my aura as a whole led to my independence…my freedom!

All of my auric bodies would have been sent to a wasteland and turn foul if I did not wake up to defend my honor. I refused to let my energy crumble into some messed up piece of gray matter. And I hope you reading this, choose not to settle for mediocre has beens + what ifs.

There is greatness in being a dreamer, but real legends are made by being the doer.  – tweet this

My spiritual biz is still active, but I am injecting more sacred + respect into it by saving my aura and working full time. The energy that surrounds you is your most precious defense system for enduring energy on all levels.

You can understand the various states of your auric self by listening to how I interpret the colors found along your personal spectrum. I just announced on my Facebook page, a new color reading to help you understand your aura called: My Subtle Bodies. I would be so honored to step into your energy psychically and astrally with this reading, and of course clear up any misunderstandings you feel or sense about your aura.

Trust me, you don’t have to go in it alone.


13 spiritual Emoji icons for the pagan Instagram user

I am enjoying some chamomile tinctured water while I explore Instagram land. Photos of crystals, card spreads and tea hit me intensely so of course I had to leave precious comments to let talented shutterbugs know that I love their work.

Even more so, to drop a note letting them know I too am a witchy kind of fellow! Because not all Instagram users have the time to profile hop so most comments go unnoticed, but what if you could communicate ten times faster that you are a proud pagan or have an acquired tea fetish like me?

By the powers of emoji to communicate energy, spirit and enthusiasm you as a spiritual, holistic or pagan of any sort can now cast lasting impressions on others through vivid visuals.

Your thumb is a wand ready to use instantly.

The term emoji is japanese for “picture letter” and since this age is embracing more photographic energy, we must adapt to this fast paced society that’s all about the legendary selfie and photobomb.

Before I tell you the magic behind these lucky 13, you have to physically enable your iPhone or Android device to support Emoji technology. (Click here to unlock Emoji.)

Triple Goddess

Neopaganism has adapted the natural cycle of maiden, mother and crone to feature the ebb and flow of the moon. Crescents on each side of a full moon have been depicted in logos, artworks and now I present it to you on Instagram. You might have already been using this symbol on Facebook… )O( but now with the help of Emoji we can see the light of the  moon.

spiritual pagan wiccan moon emoji photo triple goddess

The Five Elements

Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit are presented to you in various ways through Emoji but here are my five that usually do the trick in keeping proper bibbity bobbity balance.

emoji and elements earth wind air fire water spirit ether photo

Swish and Flick

Maybe you are working on your Book of Shadows or preserving the magic of a spell/ritual and want to add an emoji for some digital flair.


Revealing the future

My favorite emoji falls into the psychic realms and I use it quite often to inform people that I am a psychic card reader. Here are two icons you can use to take your intuition to a visual level all in an instant.

divination emoji for psychic readers photo

As you can see there are super cool ways to boost your text with Emoji icons if you’re feeling a little bit witchy. Got an Instagram? Why not follow me @IntuitionHost, I bet we could cast beautiful photos together. )O(